"Haven has an exceptional ability to take the written word and transform it into something that is not just read but can be felt and experienced. She has a unique skill of being able to step inside the person who drafted the words, take on their voice, and optimize the message while at the same time, not losing their perspective. I know that if I give her something, it will come back to me as my message, only better! Haven is a truly talented writer and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again."

~ Erin Fulton, Former COO – Caravan Health

"Haven has an uncanny ability to take a few bullets of text and turn them into a literary masterpiece. She is the very definition of a "wordsmith". Whether it's creating a series of white papers or brainstorming training topics and learning objectives, it is clearly evident that Haven is indeed a Subject Matter Expert. Working with Haven was always an enjoyable experience and I was so lucky to have her as a resource."

~ Quisha Umemba, MPH, RN CEO – Umemba Health

"Haven and I collaborated nearly every day at Caravan Health to develop marketing and website content related to value-based health care. She is an excellent writer, interviewer, and a positive, creative presence in the company. On more than one occasion she improved my writing and made me a better communicator. I'm grateful to have had the chance to work with her."

~ Louise Yinug – Office of Personnel Management

"Haven is that rare combination of creativity, authenticity, and professionalism. She is a careful observer and has a keen wit. The Taos News loves working with her."

~ Michael Tashji – Copy Editor – Taos News

"Haven is a gem. Not only is she a talented, empathetic writer with an eye for detail that brings the page to life, she is also a pleasure to work with. Deadlines are met, guidelines are followed, and all is done with a personable yet professional manner."

Julie Tereshchuk – Editor-in-Chief – Texas Lifestyle Magazine

"Timely, thoughtful, and innately skilled at finding the compelling story, Haven’s dependability is only exceeded by the quality of her storytelling. "

Chris Wood – Advertising Director – Taos News

"Haven is the consummate answer to when left brain needs right brain. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Haven on several marketing projects including three white papers. She was able to nudge, cajole, and sometimes gently twist arms to get our technical staff, myself included, to talk through several industrial products to translate engineering-speak to layman’s terms. Haven was a catalyst to keep important, but not urgent, projects moving towards completion."

Bill Niblock – Vice President of Operations – Air Systems Products, LLC.

"I had the good fortune to work with Haven on several projects including a series of technical white papers. Haven is uniquely creative and flexible in her approach to content creation. She is able to work with technical Subject Matter Experts and present complex concepts in a way to make them easy-to-understand. I hope to have the pleasure of working with her in the future."

Erik Linell – Sr. Supplier Account Mngr. (Supplier Relationships|Marketing Programs) – Newark Electronics

"Haven and I collaborated on a daily basis at Caravan Health. Her work was always impeccable and she is an expert in the healthcare marketing and copywriting space. Aside from her professional skills, Haven is a great person to work with. I have always thought that people skills are what matters most, and Haven was a great colleague and helped make work fun."

Olivia Palomares – Digital Marketing Manager – Closedloop.ai

"Haven Lindsey is an amazing editor and writer. In multiple projects we have worked on together, Haven has been crucial in providing content development, organization, creativity, and editing services. She is an ideal professional but also approaches her work with a wonderful sense of humor and the distinct absence of ego—a rare quality. She has earned my highest recommendation."

~ Thomas G. Kimball, LMFT, Ph.D. – Director, George C. Miller Family Regents Professor – Texas Tech University

Haven, You are a tremendously gifted writer and I am extremely fortunate to have you writing my success story! I’m going to recommend the Taos News use you as a hired gun whenever they can. Your writing elevates the paper. You have totally exceeded my expectations! You nailed it!

~ Mary Domito – President/Owner – Taos Lifestyle/Double-M Taos Brand

"Haven is smart, easy to work with, and a very quick study. She is able to adapt her writing style to varied audiences with ease and has a knack for telling a story through her writing. Haven joined our team on a short-term contract basis, jumped into the deep end, and delivered high quality work very quickly. Haven is a pleasure to have on the team."

~ Bryan Gilbert – Director, Communication and Marketing – Trellis Company

"You can see, smell, and feel her writing."

~ Matt Skinner – Skinner Digital. LLC

"Haven Lindsey is an exceptional content writer. She was able to translate my story into simple, compelling prose. She immediately understood my goals, and expanded upon them better than I could have myself. I recommend Haven for any writing project."

~ Suzanne C. Brown, RN, BSN, MBA – Clinical Care Coordinator – TAV Health

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Haven on quite a few projects including the development of marketing collateral, case studies, and magazine articles for technical products and concepts. I’ve found Haven’s approach to be very engaging and energizing as she has worked to understand the story and we’ve collaborated on how best to communicate it. She always has the customer in mind and works hard to make sure she reaches them with the language she uses and overall message she sends. I strongly recommend working with Haven on any copywriting needs you may have."

~ Michael Bruce – Director of Product Management – Filtration Group

"Haven was an absolute joy to work with. She always found time to help teammates even though her workload was substantial. That kind of selflessness is rare in a colleague, but very valuable to a good team. Her content writing is second to none, and she has a knack for accurately expressing the views of others."

~ Nate Dean – Director, Population Health Solutions – i2i Population Health

"I have found Haven to be one of the most inspirational co-workers I’ve ever had – on both a professional and personal level. I found that Haven continuously inspired those around her to be the best that they can be, to take positive risks, and to remain true to themselves despite the barriers that inevitably come ones’ way. Even with her own employees, Haven was always a leader first and a manager second."

~ Kristi Knox, SHRM-CP – Director, Human Resources – MAP Health Management

"Haven is a talented writer with an uncanny gift of listening to your spoken word and translating the very essence into your written words. My husband read one of my published articles and commented on how he could tell I wrote it. I had to smile as I told him that actually I didn’t – Haven Lindsey did on my behalf. She is just that good at capturing the person and tone. Haven is a gifted writer who with only a rudimentary knowledge of a subject can produce a polished and informative piece. This is due to her incredible listening and understanding skills."

~ Cindy Buckels – Director of Population Health – TAV Health

"Haven is a terrifically talented and versatile writer. In the time I have known her, I have been impressed by her ability to write with different voices, from executive communication, to scientific articles, to marketing materials. Her attention to detail and dedication to her work show clearly in the pieces that she has produced, and she is delightful to work with to boot."

~ Ali Bagheri – VP Technology – MAP Health Management

"You have a knack at putting people at ease. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you on our story."

~ L.B. – Enchanted Homes Magazine

"Your voice comes through in your writing. Your stories and articles come across as so real and authentic. My husband and I always flip through the paper to find your latest article before we read anything else. We love your voice."

~ C.M. – Local readers of the Taos News & Tempo Magazine