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The Blue Dog & The White Horse

‘Adventures on a Texas Ranch’

The Blue Dog and The White Horse, ‘Adventures on a Texas Ranch’, was self-published in 2020. The children’s book (that adults enjoy too), shares the experiences of Gracie, a young blue heeler cattle dog, and Max, a retired roping horse.

Gracie was adopted as a homeless puppy, underweight, unhealthy, and afraid of almost everything. Max was a well-trained, highly-skilled retired roping horse whose needs were being met, but not much more than that.

When the two animals, different in seemingly every way, met they formed a nearly immediate bond. Gracie learned how to be strong and confident and Max learned he still had a purpose.

The stories in the book are true and took place on a ranch in Texas. The book is written for kids who love dogs, horses, animals and are curious about life on a Texas ranch, and for parents and adults who enjoy the lessons that our animal friends have to teach us.

The second book in this planned series about Gracie, the blue dog, and Max, the white horse is titled, ‘Tales of Friendship’ and is a continuation of the adventures of the two best friends.

As an accompaniment to The Blue Dog and The White Horse series, a Blue Dog and White Horse Activity Book has also been written and designed for kids to engage in games, puzzles, mazes, word searches and pages to color.

The Blue Dog & The White Horse Activity Book

Coming soon! The Blue Dog and The White Horse Activity Book is designed for kids who enjoy engaging games, puzzles, mazes, word searches and pages to color. This activity book is based on the stories and friendship of Gracie, the young blue dog, and Max, the wise white horse.

Author’s Inspiration

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Customer Reviews

“Sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget what’s really important and this book brings it back into focus and gives you a kind of a reset that we sometimes need. I highly recommend this book and it’s not just for kids.”

P.A., Austin, TX

“I gave this book to my 2nd grade daughter for Christmas and she loved reading about the friendship between the dog and horse. It was a story that she didn’t want to put down and hopes there is a sequel.”


“Full of friendship and compassion, this is a delightful story about a remarkable friendship between a horse and a dog. The author does a lovely job of speaking through the animals as they explore through their eyes and actions when they spend time together on a ranch.”

M.B., Harrisonburg, VA

“My four-year-old loves having this book read to him! It is a beautiful, well-written story that can teach valuable lessons about friendship to adults and children alike.”


“Wonderful book with beautiful illustrations, my little one enjoyed it while I read it to her. Very detailed and descriptive making the story come to life!”


“Heartwarming and well-written, which is no surprise coming from the author. Haven Lindsey puts her heart into everything she does.”

D.P., Portland, ME

“The stories are so eloquently told. It’s a children’s book but I loved it.”

H.M., South Portland, ME

“Haven Lindsey needs to be discovered. She can make you feel with her words. This book about a dog and a horse warmed my heart. It brought me back to a time when life was simpler.”

C.L., Dayton, OH

“I ordered this book for my children and not only did they enjoy it, but I did as well! It truly captures the empathic connection that two animals can have and the journey they can go on together. The stories are beautifully composed, heartfelt, and entertaining! My children were engaged from the very beginning.”

S.B., Staten Island, NY