The Blue Dog and The White Horse

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The Blue Dog and The White Horse, ‘Adventures on a Texas Ranch,’ a dog and horse book for kids.This collection of short stories reflects on the special friendship between Gracie, a young blue heeler, and Max, a retired white roping horse. The stories are inspired by actual experiences they shared on a ranch in the Hill Country of Texas.

More About The Book

The Blue Dog and The White Horse, ‘Adventures on a Texas Ranch’, shares the experiences of Gracie, a once homeless, blue heeler cattle dog, and Max, a dapple gray horse – who with age, has turned white in color.

Gracie was adopted as a puppy, underweight, unhealthy, and afraid of almost everything – including men, vehicles, cords, ropes, and loud noises – pretty much everything you’d expect to see and hear on a Texas ranch. Max is a well-trained, highly-skilled retired Texas roping horse; he is also one of the smartest animals you’ll ever meet. Retired and living out his days on a ranch, he was well cared for but seemed a little sad. His needs were being met, but perhaps not his wants. And then the two animals – different in seemingly every way – met and the bond was almost immediate. Gracie, the young dog who had never had a home learned from Max how to be strong and confident and Max, who was retired learned he still had a purpose.

The stories in the book are true and took place on two different ranches in the beautiful Hill Country of central Texas. The conversations between Gracie and Max are the author’s interpretations as she watched them communicate on many different levels. The book is written for kids who love dogs, horses, animals and are curious about life on a Texas ranch and for parents and adults who enjoy the lessons that our animal friends have to teach us.

Author’s Inspiration

Shortly after moving to Texas, I had the opportunity to visit horses owned by someone kind enough to let me visit them. My schedule and interests soon evolved around seeing the horses. During this time I adopted Gracie, a small, traumatized, malnourished cattle dog who had been picked up off the streets. I had hoped her life would be enhanced by experiencing a horse ranch. I never imagined what would unfold. To watch Gracie bond with Max, to see him protect and look out for her, teach and guide her was heart-warming. But, when Gracie’s confidence grew and their trust in one another developed, I watched as she began teaching the white horse, helping him to be young and energetic again. To see the newly discovered joy in them both – I knew I was witnessing something incredibly special.

I will be forever grateful for the experience of watching the little, blue dog meet the wise, white horse and develop a friendship that was theirs and theirs alone. This is their story. I wrote this dog and horse book for kids in hopes that their special dynamic will touch other’s hearts and not just my own.

~ Haven Lindsey

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Latest Reviews

“Please can you read us one more chapter mom?”
– KJ, 6 years old, TX

“The book is heartwarming on so many levels. I just love it.”

– D.C., Portland, ME