The Unspoken Call of Home

By Haven Lindsey  in  blog  on  03.07.2021

The mournful call of the train

breaks the penetrating silence

of the deep mountain passes

as foggy clouds kiss the rich, dark sky

the stark strength of desolate hope

imperfect smiles and kitchen dancing

squeaky screen doors and porch swings

and the familiar dirt roads that led you

to the busy buzz of

buildings and pavement

traffic and progress replaced the soulful soundtrack

no porch swings or lemonade

never enough time for noticing

how the bright lights steal the night sky

the one that once fed your soul while you slept

summers and winters have ebbed and flowed

you allow the noise of friends and lovers to fade away

as the quiet mountains beckon you once again

and the mournful call of the coyotes

awaken the dormant memories

of how it felt to be fed by the stars in the sky

your heart screams for solace

and your mind craves the wisdom of stillness

so you trust the Spirit within and the Spirit beyond

to weave tapestries of simplicity and strength

that most can’t see and fewer understand

and doesn’t matter anyway

you become comforted by the richness of time

your heart and mind satiated with resolve

as the brightness of the dark, night sky

has welcomed you home