Paraffin and Prison stories

By Haven Lindsey  in  blog  on  08.14.2014

P & P is an acronym that has a whole host of meanings depending upon the setting. Business executives routinely refer to their Policies and Procedures as P & P, golfers talk about getting together for P & P and are referring to Pitch and Putt; others are referring to Pen and Paper, Plug and Play, even Postage and Packaging. For me P & P means only one thing: Paraffin and Prison stories. Oh how I miss my P & P!

When I made the decision to move from Maine to Austin, Texas, it was the result of much thought and consideration. Leaving the familiar for the unknown is risky and takes courage. Moving from one part of the country to another is a complete and total upheaval of all of the things we use to define ourselves. The familiar is no longer, one’s comfort zone is stretched wider and growth ensues. The move has served me well and intuitively I knew it would. I also knew there would be things I missed.

I had many months to prepare for my move and plenty of time for goodbyes. I wrote a list of all the things I wanted to do before I moved and one by one I accomplished them. It was a wonderful experience to know I was leaving yet had the luxury of time to savor experiences, views, meals, laughter with friends and co-workers, long bike rides followed by dips in the Skillings’ pool and my monthly massage. I remember thinking I would really miss a lot of things and I do…but not nearly as much as I thought I would. There’s really just one thing I have discovered I am not going to be able to replace: my P & P. It was something I knew I would miss but I underestimated how much.

My P & P doesn’t refer to Policies and Procedures or any of the other more common terms. For me P & P means only one thing: Paraffin and Prison stories.

I discovered Kevin through one of those large, structured bike rides to raise money for a charity. Kevin was a cyclist, helped support and sponsor the ride and had recently started a new massage therapy business. Always interested in supporting small business owners, I made an appointment for my first ever 90-minute massage. I never looked back – it was one of the best massages I had ever had. I committed to seeing him once a month, excited to receive quality body work and excited to support a new business owner. I enjoyed watching as his business grew and expanded into a very successful operation. I also enjoyed the massage which included a dip of hands and feet into pre-heated paraffin wax – an idea Kevin implemented in order to work deeper on warm extremities.
P & P
P is for Paraffin.  
                                                       P is also for Prison stories.

Over the course of the couple of years that I saw Kevin we got to know one another. Having created my own business years before, I was interested in his process and related to much of the growing pains and highs and lows that come with owning a business. I gained great respect for his work ethic, drive and integrity as he expanded his business in a dreadful Maine economy while staying committed to his family and values. As we talked one day, I happened to mention my fascination with prisons. People who know me aren’t at all surprised…there is much to explore with regard to the psychology and behaviors of prison yet it isn’t always easy to explain. But Kevin immediately understood. Because Kevin had, at one time unbeknownst to me, worked in a prison! And for me, an aging athlete with aches and pains with a malfunctioning body thermostat, being treated to hot paraffin wraps was great…but add prison stories to the mix…and that equates to irreplaceable. I can find other massage therapists, it’s possible I’ll find one who works with paraffin but to find the P & P combination…that’s a combination I’ll never replace or recreate in Austin.

                    As I sit and write listening to coyotes howl up and down the canyon, am I happy I moved?  

Would I do it again?  Without a doubt.

Do I miss my P & P?  More than I ever imagined.

I’m still in touch with the friends who love and care about me and even though I don’t see them, we talk, email, text, exchange cards and they visit. But Paraffin and Prison stories? Irreplaceable.

I’ve already suggested to Kevin that he open a franchise in Austin but he’d have to train at least one therapist on the in’s and out’s of prison life. Knowing Kevin, I think he’d be up for the challenge.

Thanks for reading,
~ Haven

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