Only Nature Knows

By Haven Lindsey  in  blog  on  07.28.2013

The firmament growls its thundering message
of hunger, thirst, release

The sound of a bird’s fluttering wings arrive
just as it soars from sight

The wind calls catch me if you can
contain me, you can’t
I’m everywhere, nowhere

A butterfly pauses for a moment
and is gone

What is left in its wake?
Only nature knows

Trees stand stately
their leaves shutter in mocking laughter
as if nature can be captured
its wisdom and strength does not yield
to the fragile ego of human greed, fear, ignorance

A bird calls out
the wind responds
the tree branches welcome
a member of its exclusive club

Eavesdropping on nature

I wrote this while sitting in my bountiful backyard as a thunderstorm approached. I felt as though I had crashed someone’s party and the revelers didn’t mind at all.
Thanks for reading,
~ Haven

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