Inside Out

By Haven Lindsey  in  blog  on  06.21.2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Sitting in the sold-out performing arts center listening to Neil deGrasse  Tyson lecture, teach and entertain us with his brilliant mind and well-  developed sense of humor, I admit to being initially awe-struck as I sat  in close proximity to the renowned Astrophysicist. It was fun to watch  as he unceremoniously kicked off his shoes and comforting to realize  that as big of a fan as I am, there were those in attendance who  practically held ‘groupie’ status. I was not the nerdiest person there  and nowhere near the smartest.

As we collectively settled into his presentation my attention was  focused as he discussed the Universe. And as often the case when our mind puts energy toward a thought or notion, a lesson, message, or validation is reflected back to us. Sometimes we refer to it as déjà vu and oftentimes we’re amazed that someone will mention the very subject we’ve been contemplating.

And so it was as I sat absorbed listening to one of my fantasy dinner guests (You know…in response to the ‘If you could invite anyone to a dinner who would it be’ question…), Dr. Tyson referenced something that has been on my mind. As he discussed science fiction movies, time and relative dimension in space (TARDIS) and yes, even Mary Poppins’ carpet bag…he explained the notion of being ‘bigger on the inside’.

His point was well articulated as he described that three-dimensional space can be curved in the presence of energy and matter which results in an ability for a spatial opening to be bigger on the inside…just like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag.  Meanwhile, my mind had been contemplating the notion of ‘Inside Out’ rather than ‘Outside In’.


What did Mary Poppins pull out of her carpet bag? A lamp, mirror, coat rack and a rubber tree plant!

In many ways, we were speaking the same language.

Outside In seems to be the popular choice despite the fact that it does not serve us well. Outside In judges someone on the outside before having knowledge of who they are on the inside. Outside In thinking makes assumptions based on where someone is from, the color of their skin, their job title, what kind of car they drive, their physical appearance, their belief system, and their mannerisms…the list is endless and we’re doing it backwards. Outside In limits us to small, negative and fear-based thinking. It’s time to make an effort to transform our thinking to Inside Out.

Inside Out thinking is a happier, healthier choice and I believe Dr. Tyson would agree. Just like Mary Poppins’ bag, we are bigger on the inside. When we welcome Inside Out thinking into our comfort zone, our experience lightens and our perspective broadens. We get to know people who don’t look like us, don’t dress like us, perhaps they have different jobs, different views and different beliefs. We become richer because all sorts of options and opportunities emerge. We have the ability to expand our personal Universe by simply thinking Inside Out!carrot no words

As Neil deGrasse Tyson discussed the Universe and its components scientifically proven to be bigger on the inside, I smiled in recognition at the energy reflecting back to me. We are all components of our vast Universe and just like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, we too are bigger on the inside.

Thanks for reading,

~ Haven