If I Were a Tree

By Haven Lindsey  in  blog  on  03.20.2022

If I were a tree, I’d like to be

a ponderosa pine, independent and free.


They don’t lie or have egos, they never cause war,

they live for 300 years plus 200 more.


They make me feel safe and appropriately small,

their leaves kiss the clouds, or almost, they’re so tall.


My heart seems to feel and hone in on their vibe,

I wonder if trees can be part of your tribe?


I think they have stories that I’d like to hear,

I know they could teach us to live without fear.


If you were a tree, who would you be?

Would you live in the mountains or perched by the sea?


Would birds sing from your branches, would you be stately and tall?

Or would you be small, stout, and sturdy, refusing to fall?


If in my next life I’m reborn as a tree,

there’s no doubt in my mind who I’d want to be.


I’d be a ponderosa because they’re so real,

I’d want to be able to help others to feel.


They seem humble and wise like I want to be,

I think I would be the best version of me.