Happiness is…

By Haven Lindsey  in  blog  on  11.26.2014
Happiness is….

driving to work with my sunroof open in November,

discovering that Queso is so much more than I ever imagined,

realizing that I’ve become quite particular about the quality and freshness of the homemade tortillas I buy,

understanding why Texas is so friggin’ special and unlike any place else on earth,

living in a city that has at least one festival every single weekend,

playing tennis year-round outside,

cycling year-round outside with some of the best people I’ve ever had the honor and privilege to know,

living in an area where strangers talk to one another in line, in stores and on the street,

living in a major metropolitan city surrounded by deer, coyotes, owls, hawks…and on and on and on,

being surrounded by people who are real, authentic, honest, genuine and down right beautiful from the inside out,

living in vibrance,

walking Lilly and helping her write notes to her Mommy,

seeing how happy and content my kitties are in the warm, fresh air, watching the deer and other wildlife,

live music…everywhere…all the time…without any effort,

being educated on the hundreds of varieties of tequila and not caring if I don’t remember,

having friends who don’t fade away because I moved and some who have become even closer in order to mitigate the distance,

having bonds that hold,

phone dates with friends far away and conversations as fluid and smooth as if I were next door,

receiving surprise gifts and cards in the mail and text messages for no reason other than to say hi,

hardly ever wearing a coat,

wearing cowboy boots and fitting in with everyone else wearing theirs,

long sunny days and beautiful sunsets over and over and over,

knowing that I am loved and appreciating the fact that I can now recognize the difference between real and fake, healthy and co-dependent,

connecting with people regardless of their position or status,

seeing things with more light and joy than I ever imagined possible,

knowing that it takes a whole lot to knock me down and when I do, I get back up,

realizing that I’m strong enough to be vulnerable and courageous enough to open my heart,

realizing that I can still trust and love and laugh in abundance,

discovering that I can still kick ass in ping pong,

not caring a bit that I can’t really Two Step but continue to try,

liking who I am and not being overly concerned if you don’t,

not falling prey to being impressed with outside things and being moved by the subtle, genuine inside things,

knowing what and who I like, respect, and revere and living a life that honors those things,

doing little things for people without them knowing,

having compassion for those who have hurt me deeply and forgiving them because they’re just people,

helping us laugh a little longer and perhaps a little louder,

ultimately realizing that happiness comes from genuine gratitude and it’s all there waiting for you when you stop trying to grasp it and when you let go of the fear and limitations.

Thanks for reading,
~ Haven

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