A Writer’s Life

By Haven Lindsey  in  blog  on  10.05.2023

It’s not that I’m not interested in you. It’s not that I’m not interested in all the events and activities. It’s not about being introverted or painfully shy – I’m some of the former and none of the latter. It’s not about being too busy with a calendar crammed with obligations that make me feel or seem important. It’s none of those things.

See, the thing is, I’ve got one of those honest-to-goodness loves that flows so deeply within me, one that is so alive and vibrant that it’s not just my mind that craves those moments but it is also my heart. To that love, I am dedicated and loyal, I am respectful and grateful because that love is like the air I breathe, the water I drink. You see, I am a writer, and part of me is always in that world breathing in and drinking in the feeling of freedom my love provides.

Writing is where I am happiest. I am comfortable and can be creative. I can write things that make me laugh and I can write things that make me cry. I often write words I’ve never spoken but somehow know the meaning. The words can awaken me at 3 am and I gladly sit up with pen and paper wondering what is surfacing. If the words are particularly loud, I’ll switch on my computer and write in the cover of darkness entertained and intrigued at the process unfolding on the screen in front of me.

It’s not that I don’t want to be with you but I love to be alone. I struggle to relate when people say they are lonely or can sit for hours streaming television shows. I can grow bored watching the best of movies because that call within me, like a tapping on a window to another world, is almost always there waiting for me. My solitude gives me the freedom to escape into a world of words and sentences – silly, serious, they’re all welcome. Sometimes the words rhyme, and sometimes they don’t.

I enjoy the things I participate in, love the places I visit, and cherish the people in my life. But if I am true to myself and honoring my highest, most authentic self, please understand that my freedom to escape, to create, to entertain, to dream…the call to write will always beckon me back and I will almost always answer.


Photo courtesy Aaron Burden/Unsplash