about me.

Haven Lindsey

Quite simply, I love to write and I believe that passion shines through in what I do.

I was always the curious kid. Probably annoying to the adults around me, I was the one who asked one more question. I wanted to know how things work, why things are the way they are, why the human condition is what it is and how we all come together from different perspectives to communicate. I’ve always been reflective and contemplative and have been told more than once that I think too much. As much as I enjoy people, being alone has never seemed lonely. Growing up, I would spend hours reading, gazing at the clouds or watching all the tiny things in a tidal pool.

I believe my innate curiosity and contemplative nature is what ultimately led to the discovery that I was meant to write and communicate through stories and connections. Thinking about how we communicate and connect fascinates me. By having the awareness that we can sometimes feel an instant connection and other times recognize an inherent aversion, we are able to guide our outcomes in a more positive way.

Adaptive and driven by curiosity, my experience as a research analyst and a curious kid blend successfully for my clients. I’m motivated by connections and opening doors, whether it be an article with just the right message or a white paper that poses questions and assertions. I will work with you to reach your customers, to increase your brand awareness or whatever your goals and needs may be.

With more than 20 years of experience, publications include (but not limited to), American Journal of Managed Care, Accountable Care News, Becker’s Hospital Review, The Doctor Weighs In, Healthcare Business Today, Healthcare IT News, Health IT Management, Oliver Wyman Health, The Hill, The New York Times, Huffington Post, PsychCentral, Sober World and Zephyr.

"I worked as MAP Health Management’s Data Architect for about three years and part of my responsibility was to provide data-driven reports for the clinical team and executives.

Whenever Haven was involved in these projects, she was a welcome presence because she could readily grasp the complicated nature of our data and communicate it effectively to others. I reviewed all work containing the data I had provided and it was always very well written and easy to understand.

In many cases, Haven essentially acted as a liaison between me and the clinical team as they refined their data requests over the course of the projects. This is very important because these types of projects often begin with an initial exploration of data from which she and the clinical or executive team would analyze for interesting content. During these kinds of processes, Haven performed exceptionally well as creativity and critical insight changed the direction of projects, she adapted to these changes while maintaining close attention to detail. Throughout the projects she communicated very well with me and other team members and regularly provided drafts of her copy for my review. I always felt that her written work reflected a deep understanding of the project and that anyone who read her final product would easily grasp the concept of the projects and its results.

Haven was always cheerful, professional, and a good colleague and I would be more than happy to work with her again and recommend her highly. "

–Tod Meinke, Software Engineer