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Steeped in history, the labyrinth is neither a maze nor intended to portray walking in circles. The labyrinth, rather, is a continuous path forward from the peripheral to the physical center; a journey to one’s center with one way in and one way out. The beauty of walking the labyrinth, with turns and sections embedded in meaning, is that you, the walker, the journeyperson, get to fill in the blank.

Your path. Your journey.

The energy, mysticism, and potential of the labyrinth capture my attention and intrigue. For me, the labyrinth represents the circle of life, the cycle of understanding, and the essence of communication. We may all be on the same path, but our journeys can be different. Understanding where we are and where we want to be is a process and one I believe to be worthwhile.

My writing method begins with you and the story waiting to be unveiled. I do not bring an agenda or preconceived notion of what your path and your journey are. I bring a proverbial blank slate and listen to where you are and uncover where you want to be.

Your goal. Your message.

Together, we journey to the core and unveil the message or story you want to have conveyed. I listen with curiosity and help you to see feelingly. By asking the right questions and active listening, I make sure your story is told.

Haven Lindsey

Haven Lindsey

Even if I didn’t write for a living, I would still write for fun. I think that’s one reason why I love the work I do for my clients. Regardless of the project, I enjoy the process of taking a blank slate and bringing it to life with words that help to inform, educate, and perhaps make you feel something along the way.

My process is never about me. Rather, it’s about listening to my clients and uncovering the story waiting to be told. I never bring my agenda to the table because that serves no one. It is common for me to hear, “I’ve never been asked that before,” or “I’ve never thought of it that way.” My clients value my ability to combine my active listening skills to find the story or message, and convey it in a way that is accessible, approachable, and interesting to read.

I work with a variety of clients on a wide range of topics and you won’t read, or hear, the latest jargon-filled phrases from me. Our society grabs onto a word and then uses it until its meaning is lost. We ‘leverage’ and ‘drill down’ and reference ‘low hanging fruit’ so often the words fall flat.

We all have a message to convey and a story to tell. Words have meaning. I help make your message meaningful.

At various stages during the life of any organization, there will be a need to enhance your voice, your marketing message and/or to increase your ability to reach new clients and educate the ones you have.

Whether it is with one or more articles, a white paper, new content to enhance your website or a press release, I will help you and your organization turn up the volume.


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Life’s Wake

Ever stop to think about your life’s wake?

As you go through your day,

do you give, do you take?

Like ripples on water and echoes in air,

everything’s altered because you were there.

~ Haven Lindsey

Make it meaningful.
Make it matter.

Your thoughts, actions, work, message – everything you do leaves a mark on the world and a wake behind. Make your wake matter with meaningful content.

writing.   editing.   marketing strategies.   idea generation.