Why do writers write?

Haven Lindsey

To answer questions. To discover, convey and communicate. Words matter. They hold power. Words convey truth, fabrications and everything in-between. Words can be simple, subtle, clever and complex.

Your words, and how you convey your messaging, is a core component to reaching your audience.

Understanding your audience, who they are and how they take in information can make a difference between sales and ​slump. Good writing anticipates your reader’s questions. It’s simple, but not simplistic. It’s not full of jargon and it tells a story – because that’s how we connect. Data is necessary, statistics are relevant – but people relate to stories. Articles, white papers, case studies, sales collateral – there is always a story waiting to be told. My writing draws your reader in because it’s founded in a story – your story.


I am excited to hear from you and learn how we can collaborate to get your story told, reach your audience and achieve your goals.

"Haven is a talented writer with an uncanny gift of listening to your spoken word and translating the very essence into your written word.

My husband read one of my published articles and commented on how he could tell I wrote it. I had to smile as I told him that actually I didn’t – Haven Lindsey did on my behalf. She is just that good at capturing the person and tone.

Haven is a gifted writer who with only a rudimentary knowledge of a subject can produce a polished and informative piece. This is due to her incredible listening and understanding skills."

– Cindy Buckels, Director of Population Health, TAV Health



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"Haven is smart, easy to work with, and a very quick study. She is able to adapt her writing style to varied audiences with ease and has a knack for telling a story through her writing. Haven joined our team on a short-term contract basis, jumped into the deep end, and delivered high quality work very quickly. Haven is a pleasure to have on the team."

– Bryan Gilbert, Director, Communications and Marketing, Trellis Company

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Your words, and how you convey your messaging, is a core component to reaching your audience.